Training and Consultation

It can be daunting to consider working with children and families.  The Feelings School model gives you a roadmap and a supportive community.   If you are an LCSW interested in developing your business as a child psychotherapist, we will provide you with training and support to create a thriving and effective private practice.  Feelings School has become a sought after clinical intervention, and we are looking for additional clinicians to meet the need.  

Feelings School Training

Feelings School is a short-term, skill-based, family-involved, manualized treatment modality for children aged 4-12 and their parents.  The developers, Lissa Hunsicker Kenney, LCSW and Rachel Schiller, LCSW have almost 40 years of combined clinical experience, and will be your trainers and consultants.  If you would like to have Feelings School in your skill set, you can apply for the 12 hour training in the model.

Feelings School Certification Program

Once you have completed the 12 hour training in the Feelings School model, you can apply to become an independent contractor through our practice and work toward certification in the model.  Over the course of a year, you will receive on-going consultation and will be paid for all of your clinical work at a competitive rate. Upon completion of at least five Feelings School cases under weekly consultation, you will become a Feelings School practitioner.

Clinical Consultation

Currently, we are both available for individual or group supervision for clinicians providing psychotherapy to children and/or adults.  
Contact us for more information.  

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