Groups (Coming soon!)

C.A.L.M. Parenting Group

In Feelings School parent groups, we create a safe and non-judgmental space for caregivers  to learn about child development and explore their  parenting strategies and the dynamics at home. We understand how incredibly challenging and humbling parenting can be. We approach this work with acceptance, humor and curiosity and encourage parents  to do  the same.

In our C.A.L.M. parenting group, we walk you through the four modules (Calm, Attached, Logical and Meaningful) of a curriculum we’ve developed to support parents and children in moving from a state of distress to a state of regulation. Within each module, we will explore various topics such as stress and the brain, developmentally appropriate expectations, and managing our own pushbuttons. Each session will be a combination of didactic material and open discussion in which you will have space to explore your relationship with your child, receive guidance, and give and receive support from other caregivers

B.E. A. S.T.A.R. Child Groups 

B.E. A. S.T.A.R. group is an 8-week after school group for children aged 7-10 which will follow the B.E. A. S.T.A.R. curriculum in a group format.  Through interactive games, arts and crafts, and therapist-facilitated discussion, the children will learn and practice the following skills:

  • Sensory awareness
  • Neurobiology of Emotions
  • Emotional Identification
  • Affect Regulation
  • Identifying Self States
  • Cognitive Coping
  • Narrative Therapy

Please email to let us know if you might be interested in either group.

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