Feeling School Coffee Hour (for Parents!)


Feelings School has launched mini-courses for parents!  We are offering 6-8 week courses  which will look through the lenses of various therapeutic modalities in order to better understand our children and move toward the parents we hope to be.

Currently, the course is offered to parents with elementary school age children.  Courses to follow will be focused on other parenting cohorts/needs (parenting the adolescent, ADHD support, couples parenting workshop, new parents, etc. . .).

Come share the ups and learn evidence-informed parenting techniques to help manage the downs. Coffee and snacks are on us!

Led by two experienced psychotherapists, this class will use didactic presentations, experiential exercises, and group discussion to help you become your child’s emotional guide and anchor. You will:

  • Explore your current parenting strategies (what’s working and what’s not)
  • Develop new ways to manage challenging child behaviors
  • Assist your child in developing self-awareness
  • Teach your child vital emotional communication skills
  • Help you child acquire skills to manage their big feelings

    A workbook for further exploration will be included in the course.

    Monday mornings 9:15-10:45. Starts APRIL 16th. 116 Clinton Street (@ Joralemon), Rear Office Suite.

This course is currently closed; however, this course will be offered again soon.  Please contact us with your interest (i.e. early parenting, adolescents, ADHD support, etc. . .) and availability ( mornings, evenings, weekends).

Feelings School Coffee Hour-2

What is Feelings School?

Feelings School is an 8-12 week, psychotherapeutic class for parents and child.  Your child’s treatment will be based on building skills to help improve emotional literacy, frustration tolerance, anxiety management, and inter-personal communication. Every week, the session will focus on a different skill, the child then will teach this skill to the adult at the end of session and you both will practice the skill throughout the week.  At the end of the program, we will assess to see whether more treatment is needed or whether goals have been met.  If the goals are met or your child is well on his/her way with continued help from you, we will end treatment and he /she will receive a “Certificate of Completion.”  My door is always open and, if symptoms return, we encourage you to return for “booster” sessions.

We believe that children can best learn about themselves and practice new ways of being in the context of their families.

We believe that most issues children struggle with can be addressed in a short-term model so that your child can get back to playing soccer/violin after school.

We believe that you, as a parent, are the sun and moon of your child’s life.

We believe that you are the agent of change.  Feelings School helps parents become their own family therapists!

Your work with us is just the beginning of a new way of approaching and understanding feelings. We will provide you with  a space to connect and communicate, to explore your relationship, to learn new techniques to address  old problems, and new ways to grow together as a family.

Issues addressed at Feelings School:

Anxiety (Worries), Anger, Sadness, Disruptive Behavior, Sleep Issues, Grief, School Refusal, ADHD, Affect Regulation, Separation and Divorce, Sibling Rivalry, Opposition and Defiance, Separation Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Attachment Issues.