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Feelings Work is a group psychotherapy practice for both adults and children in Brooklyn Heights. We practice both in person and virtually. Feelings Work is led by Rachel Schiller, LCSW and Lissa Kenney, LCSW.

how much of the distress we experience is systemic and has become an individual’s problem to solve. The support and guidance we offer wouldn’t necessarily be needed in a world where we had more connection, community and support. We see struggles as a Definition of health is that we are able to gain the support we need,

Integration of both sides of the brain.  That you are neither too rigid or too diffuse.  There is a balance of the energy flow.  All of the parts of us–all of which evolved as adaptation to our environment–co-exist harmoniously.

Mental health: cope with stress, have positive relationships, feel a sense of purpose. There are many things in today’s world that interrupt this balance. We aim to help individuals and families find this balance by knowing themselves and their needs, improving communication, gaining emotional skills to manage life’s ups and downs, and  healing experiences from the past. Integration of the

Connect. Explore. Learn. Grow.

Connect. Connection is what makes us human.  We need relationships and the safety of others to get through life.  A trusting relationship with a therapist can be a foundation for significant change in your life.

Explore. Within the safety of the therapeutic space, we can explore together–through a lens of curiosity–our own minds, our relationships, our current lives, and our past, our hopes for the future. When we are given space to get to know ourselves–all of the aspects of ourselves, the strengths as well as the challenges–we are able to see a clearer path forward.

Learn. There are concrete skills and tools that we can use to manage difficulties.  We will help you develop new ways of thinking, ways of communicating, and ways of centering ourselves both physiologically and emotionally.

Grow.  The brain is constantly able to re-wire itself and grow. Because of this, we know that human development never ends.  Throughout our lives, we can continue to grow and change and expand our lives in new ways.

Whether you are a family coming to us with a child in distress or an individual looking for support and growth, we bring these four themes through all of our work.

Lissa Kenney, LCSW and Rachel Schiller, LCSW met in graduate school and have maintained a close working relationship over the past 20 years. Lissa Kenney, LCSW has been in private practice in Brooklyn Heights since 2012. She uses her extensive experience as a child therapist in a partial hospitalization program and her subsequent clinical supervisory experience at Safe Horizon where she was trained in multiple evidence-based trauma treatments for children and adults. Over the course of the past decade, she has worked with adults and children using a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches including Trauma-informed treatment, IFS, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Play Therapy and Family Systems approaches. As part of her private practice, Lissa conceptualized Feelings School, to meet the need for short-term, skills-focused, family-involved treatment.

In 2018, Rachel Schiller, LCSW joined Lissa in expanding and continuing to develop Feelings School. Rachel brings significant experience to her work with adults, children and families. She is currently in private practice with adults and children, utilizing multiple evidence based treatments including Gestalt Therapy, EMDR, and IFS. Rachel is also a Master Trainer at the Yale Child Study Center in the Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention (CFTSI). In this role, Rachel trains and provides consultation with child trauma clinicians nationally and abroad. Rachel also previously was the Senior Clinical Director at Safe Horizon (the nation’s largest victim’s assistance agency) where she provided training and supervision to therapists working with children, adults, and families who experienced interpersonal violence.

The warmth, enthusiasm, sense of humor, and experience with children that both Lissa and Rachel bring to their work create safe spaces for the full expression of thoughts and feelings.

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