A beautiful real-time demonstration of CALMing, co-regulating, parenting techniques.


🛏 Bedtime meltdown support with play based Neuro-somatic therapy. 🥳🙃🤬The scene: Big day here with a photo shoot and birthday party. My kiddo was understandably dysregulated and had shouted the words, “I hate you” a couple or times earlier in the day to both their sibling and I. Both times they were reminded that we don’t use those words in our house. After the second warning I told them there would be a consequence if those words were used again. It was time for bed and everyone was tired and dysregulated (myself included). While brushing teeth, right before story time, they said “I hate you” again so I followed through and said the consequence would be no story time tonight. They were understandably upset and they cried as I put them to bed. I left the room for about 5 minutes to self-regulate my nervous system and returned with the capacity to hold space for their big feelings. ❤️ I used a combination of play based Neuro-somatic drills and empathetic cognitive processing to help them move through their feelings. I held the boundary that it was time for bed when asked again if I would read a story but offered some agency in choosing if they would like to walk or be carried to bed. 🧰 Sharing to provide a real life example of how these tools can work to help parents and kids move through challenging moments with more ease. ✅ Save, comment and share to help this video reach more families who can benefit. Free PDF guide in bio to help parents and kids with nervous system regulation. Follow for more videos to help you and the little humans you love. #family #tantrum #threenager #singlemomlife #neuroscience #neurodrills #neurosomatic #neurosomatictherapy #neurosomaticintelligence #bedtime #bedtimeroutine #boundaries #ihateyou #consequences #parenting #parenting101 #parentingtips #soloparent #overstimulation #dysregulatednervoussystem #emdr #toddlertherapy #playbased #playtherapy #playbasedlearning #growingup #reparenting #reparentyourself #reparentingjourney

♬ original sound – CJ Smith

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