Virtual Feelings School

We hope this finds your family healthy and well in this extreme time.

Our current global situation and response to the Coronavirus outbreak has caused all of us to shift almost every aspect of our daily lives.  Feelings School has changed as well.  We have transitioned entirely–for the time being–to a a virtual platform.  All of the Feelings School clinicians will be available for child therapy and parental guidance sessions via phone or video.  If you would like to hear more about how Virtual Feelings School works, please contact Rachel or Lissa at

While we’ve had this blog as a component of Feelings School’s web page for years, we have yet to post much!!  That’s about to change. 🙂 Throughout the coming days, we will be using this blog to post articles/activities/links/ideas for parents to help with all aspects of parenting.  Our first link is to an article that we feel provides a good guide for parents during the Coronavirus outbreak:

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